Through a Donor Advised Designated Fund, you recommend one or more of your favorite charities to benefit from grant distributions. As a perpetual fund, it provides a permanent source of income to your recommended charities far into the future.

  • You can recommend any charity that qualifies as a nonprofit organization, as determined by the IRS.
  • You can request a specific purpose for grant distributions. For example, you wish to benefit the music program within an organization.
  • You may change your charitable recommendations up to five times in your lifetime.
  • Grants can be made in perpetuity, for a term of years, or an immediate one-time grant. As your fund grows, the amount available for grants to your recommended charities also grows.

Gift Minimum: $5,000 per recommended charity.

To discuss your options, please contact a Gift Planner via email or call 800.365.4172.


The Donor
A woman had a modest mutual fund portfolio and wanted her annual support to her church to continue after her lifetime, but did not want the church to know about her gift until her death.

Her Gift
Using a gift of $6,000 in mutual funds, she created a Donor Advised Designated Fund in her name and that of her deceased husband. Since her death, annual distributions to the church have been made in their names.

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