A gift annuity is a simple written agreement that allows you to make a gift of cash and/or securities to the foundation and receive payments for life and a charitable deduction.

  • Your gift can be cash or appreciated publicly-traded securities. Minimum gift is $10,000.
  • A portion of the payments are typically tax-free.
  • If you make a gift of appreciated securities, you will recognize only a portion of the capital gain over a period of time.
  • The income payments from gift annuities can begin immediately or be deferred. The minimum age for a gift annuity is typically 50, but it can be lower for deferred gift annuities with payments beginning after age 50.
  • The payment you receive is fixed and the amount is based on life expectancy and other factors.
  • Payments are backed by the full faith and credit of the foundation.

To discuss your options, please contact a Gift Planner via email or by calling 800-365-4172.


The Donor
An 81-year-old woman wanted to increase her income and benefit charity.
Her Gift

  • She made a gift of $10,000 to create a gift annuity.
  • She received a charitable deduction of $4,993.70.*
  • She receives $730/year for life (7.3%), of which $568 of each annual payment is tax-free for 8.8 years.

At her death, the gift will benefit her church’s endowment fund at the foundation.

*Payout rates, charitable deductions and other benefits vary based on a number of factors.

It Adds Up
*Assumes single gift of $10,000, 5% grant distributions, 8.3% investment return, 1% administration fee and no additional gifts