At InFaith Community Foundation, donors are partners in making a positive difference in transforming people's lives every day. Our goal is to engage donors in grantmaking through attentive, personalized services and resources that lead to informed and thoughtful giving decisions, resulting in grants that effectively help charities advance their work and donors experience the joy of giving.

To further this goal, InFaith expresses a commitment to excellence by formally subscribing to the following Principles for Grantmakers each year and encourages our donors to consider these principles in their giving decisions.

Walking Humbly With Our God

Written by Rev. John R. Sabatelli, InFaith Board Member

2015 Annual Report

Now is a moment. A tick of a second hand. A day on the calendar. A report on a year. We understand now. We can measure it and study it. For 20 years as a foundation, we've been measuring nows with lines, graphs, and spreadsheets.

Profiles of Joy - Winter 2016

- A Message from InFaith's Executive Director
- InFaith Donor Profile: Joy Around the World
- 2015 InFaith Donor Survey

New From InFaith

Through survey results & conversations with donors and financial representatives, we've learned more about what's important when it comes to giving. 

Christmas Message from InFaith: 2015

A Christmas message from InFaith's Executive Director, Chris Andersen. 

Donor Conference Call - 2015

A recording of a call with our investment advisor, Cambridge Associates, for an update on the investment strategies that support your charitable fund. 

Charitable Giving reaches 60-year high in 2014

In 2014, Americans gave $358.38 billion to charity, marking the largest charitable giving total in 60 years.


InFaith Again Earns Top Charity Navigator Rating

InFaith Community Foundation is pleased to announce it has again earned Charity Navigator's top 4-star rating. 

2014 Annual Report

What is at our core matters deeply. For people of faith, knowing the love of God is bedrock. From this knowledge, we leap to the call to spread joy and change lives.

New InFaith Video: Give Now. Give Later. Give & Receive.

At InFaith, we invite you to support the charities and causes that mean the most to you through flexible and personalized giving.