The Lenten season begins this week - a time the church has traditionally prepared for Easter with prayer, service and self-examination.  It can be a meaningful time to recognize the luxuries of our lives, and remember those with less.  How are you going to recognize Lent this year?  The Lutheran offers some simple practices you might consider for you and your family, including the collection of coins for a good cause.  This may also be a meaningful time to give thought to your own legacy and commitment to giving.  Whether you have a charitable fund set up at the LCF, or not, Your Plan for Giving is a great tool to help you reflect on your life experiences, values and passions.  Blessings to you this Lenten season.

From The Lutheran:

"An already busy family can add to the season of preparation without adding unnecessary stress. Try at least one of these practices, or think of your own:

1. Pray together as a family. If you've never done this, start each day with a breakfast prayer or pray as the kids go out the door to school. Focus morning prayers on "Where will we see God today?"
2. Designate a consistent time for "family night" each week. Take turns picking an activity and selecting the meal. Keep this time sacred (also technology-free) and focus on the sensory parts of the meal. Create special place mats, light candles, change the location (outdoors, basement, garage) to awaken the senses to the presence of God.
3. Collect coins during Lent. Last year, our church preschool collected $759.52 for a food pantry. Just drop all loose change in a container at the end of each day. As a family, decide where to send the money."

Full Article: "Addition, not subtraction: 10 things your family can add this Lent"