Twenty one full and part-time staff members work with donors to carry out InFaith's mission and vision. If you have a question or comment, please contact the appropriate staff member below.

Chris Andersen, President & Executive Director
612.844.4104  email

Roberta Groening, Administrative Associate
612.844.5149  email

Kelly Klukas, Office Administrator
612.844.4134  email

Pat Norton, Office Administrator
612.844.4134  email

Charitable Giving Services
Mandy Tuong, Senior Director of Donor Services and General Counsel
612.844.4182  email

Cindy Aegerter, Senior Gift Planner
612.844.4190  email

Cheryl Grasmoen, Philanthropic Advisor & Institutional Relations
612.844.4106  email

Jeffrey Gram, Gift Planner
612.844.4192  email

Jason Watt, Senior Gift Planner
612.844.4105  email

Community Grants & Services

Susan Hayes, Director of Community Grants & Services
612.844.4151  Email

Kaitlin Ostlie, Grants Administrator
612.844.8663  Email

Rebecca Sauer, Senior Associate, Donor Services
612.844.4124  Email

Jonathan Schill, Donor Services Administrator
612.844.6878  Email

Communication & Technology Services
Lori Anderson, Marketing Communications Manager
612.844.4111  Email

Laura Dunford, Communications Associate
612.844.5848  Email

David Meier, Technology Manager and Webmaster
612.844.4148  Email

Brad VanSpriell, Technology Associate
612.844.3154  Email

Financial Services & Administration
Tom Peterson, Director of Financial Services & Administration
612.844.4107  Email

Nancy Ashland, Asset Services Administrator
920.628.4881  Email

Lois Ebnet, Finance Accountant
612.844.4128  Email

Her Vang, Senior Accountant
612.844.4117  Email