Many organizations recognize the need to create a perpetual source of income to support their mission in the future. InFaith Community Foundation offers faith-based nonprofit organizations a flexible option to build an endowment for whatever purpose they choose.

Why consider InFaith Community Foundation for your nonprofit's endowment?  Among the many advantages, the Foundation offers a full range of charitable giving options and professional gift planners to help people give to your fund in ways that match their personal circumstances.  In addition, your endowment's assets are invested in a large pool of low-cost institutional mutual funds, with advisement by one of the nation's leading investment advisors.

Getting Started

Find out how your congregation or organization can start its endowment fund at InFaith Community Foundation.

Endowment Fund Roundtable Blog

A blog dedicated to helping your organization grow its endowment, and a place for you to share ideas and tools with other organizations.

Additional Resources

Additional resources for Organizational Endowment Funds, including downloads of Fund forms, sample documents, and a link to DonorView.
It Adds Up
*Assumes single gift of $25,000 5% grant distributions, 8.3% investment return, 1% administrative fee and no additional gifts.