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2015 Annual Report


Now is a moment. A tick of a second hand. A day on the calendar. A report on a year.

We understand now. We can measure it and study it. For 20 years as a foundation, we've been measuring nows with lines, graphs and spreadsheets.

This now - held within the financials of this book, is a reflection of bigger ideas. Of faith. Of deeply held beliefs about generosity and abundance. Of spreading joy.

So while our work as stewards for donors could not be more important, now is a powerful springboard to what. What does our now - at 20 years and $1 billion in gifts - allow our donors to do?

Plainly put: now what?

The answer - and the larger part of the InFaith Community Foundation story - is as interesting and diverse as the donors who call InFaith their home for charitable giving. As you will see on the pages that follow, the now of this book reveals an incredible what

Picture of Now What - 2015 Annual Report


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