2016 Annual Report | InFaith Community Foundation

2016 Annual Report

It’s with questions of “What is our calling?” that donors create funds at InFaith Community Foundation.

Questions of how to be light. Help. Hope. Justice. Mercy. Love. How to spread joy and change lives. It’s our mission at InFaith to serve and be the best stewards of donor gifts in an ever-changing world— with an approach that allows our donors to live out their calling.

Our experienced staff encourages donors to explore how they can best express their faith through giving with tools that match their financial strategies and personal intentions.

Our goal is to stay responsive to donors at all times, especially as needs change from one generation to the next.

With this, we introduce our 2016 annual report and invite you to ask yourself, “What is your calling?”

Download 2016 Annual Report: "Constant Change. Steadfast Faith."