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2016 InFaith Community Foundation VIPs & Hall of Honor Announced

Since InFaith Community Foundation’s inception in 1995, more than $1 billion in outright and deferred gifts have been given to Donor Advised Funds supporting thousands of donor-recommended charities serving local, national and global communities.

Each year as part of InFaith’s FR Recognition Program, InFaith honors Thrivent FRs who provided exemplary service helping clients put their faith and values into action through charitable giving.

InFaith is pleased to announce the 2016 class of InFaith Voices in Philanthropy (VIPs), as well as five new VIP-Hall of Honor members.

2016 InFaith Community Foundation Voices in Philanthropy
Each year, InFaith honors the top two FRs from each RFO, determined by the dollar amount of charitable gifts, both current and deferred, attributed to the FR (and who meet set minimum standards). 39 FRs have been named InFaith VIPs for their work in 2016.

2016 InFaith Community Foundation VIP-Hall of Honor
In addition to annually honoring the VIPs, InFaith also inducts Thrivent FRs to the InFaith VIP-Hall of Honor when a career level of at least $5 million in gifts has been reached. 5 FRs have newly been named InFaith VIP-Hall of Honor for 2016.