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Financials & Reports

Earning Trust Through Sound Stewardship

Since our founding in 1995, InFaith Community Foundation has built a proven track record of sound stewardship for gifts from thousands of donors and community organizations. With $386 million in assets under management, InFaith is committed to a long-term and effective investment strategies and transparent stewardship.

InFaith portfolios are invested with sound stewardship to achieve at or above market returns and expand donors' charitable impact. Click to learn more about each portfolio’s allocation and investments.
InFaith's Investment Portfolios

InFaith has four exceptional investment portfolios. Chris Andersen, InFaith President & Executive Director, shares how each investment portfolio makes a difference in our shared community.

Reports & Financials

IRS Form 990s

Audited Financial Statement

IRS Documentation

Cambridge Associates

An in depth report on InFaith investment performance from Cambridge Associates. Updated quarterly.

Core Growth Portfolio
Mission Growth Portfolio
Income Portfolio


WomenInvest InFaith Portfolio

Veris Wealth Partners

An in depth report on WomenInvest inFaith investment performance. Updated quarterly.

WomenInvest inFaith

Investing Charitable Assets for Mission

At InFaith, we believe that how charitable assets are invested is directly connected to mission. InFaith formalized its commitment to mission investing in 2008 with an approach that aligns mission with long-term targeted financial returns.

Investing Charitable Assets for Mission

InFaith Portfolio Allocation

A breakdown of the investment allocations in each InFaith portfolio.

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Long-term Strategy

Maximize potential rewards; minimize potential risks

Trusted Advisors

Investment expertise from Cambridge Associates and Veris Wealth Partners, leading national investment firms


Carefully invested with skilled investment managers among six asset classes

Sound Stewardship

Gifts are managed responsibly and used for the greatest good.