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Charitable Seminars

For Financial Professionals to Introduce InFaith to Clients & Organizations

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Our Presentations
InFaith is excited to offer four presentations to share with your clients and prospects, either one-on-one or in a larger group setting.

These presentations represent the original work of InFaith Community Foundation. Any reproduction, in part or whole, can be done only with permission of InFaith Community Foundation.

You're Invited

For individuals and families

This presentation shares on how to maximize giving through a custom strategy. Gift examples share how InFaith solutions are created based on the donor's financial circumstances and charitable interests.

Tax Reform Module

Addition for charitable seminar presentations

This presentation shares information about the new Tax & Jobs Act in relation to charitable giving.

QCD Module

Addition for charitable seminar presentations

This presentation shares information about giving gifts of Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs).

Growing Future Support For Your Organization

For endowment committee members

How a church or faith-based nonprofit may benefit from a flexible endowment solution. This presentation shares giving concepts for supporters or an organization to contribute to an endowment fund, plus an overview on the role of an endowment in the financial health of an organization.

Growing Our Endowment with Your Support

For members of faith-based nonprofits and churches

This presentation shares giving concepts for church or faith-based nonprofit endowment fund supporters.

Organization Endowment Guide

For organizations who have or are interested in endowments

This co-created Thrivent Financial & InFaith Community Foundation presentation introduces the Organizational Endowment Guide as a resource and provides basic information on endowment funds. It also includes planned giving ideas to help organizations grow their endowment fund.

Women Discover Workshop

For women interested in aligning their faith, values and passion through giving

Empower women to be strategic, intentional and generous in their charitable giving. Bring women of faith together to learn about charitable giving strategies while engaging in conversation and reflection on how women in the Bible have left a legacy to follow. This seminars sparks and ignites our passions and strengthens our individual and collective capacities to educate, advocate and activate change.

The seminars combine slides and videos in easy-to-use presentations that make giving personal and understandable. To present, you must be equipped with the following:

  • Laptop
  • Projector and screen
  • Speakers to hear the videos embedded in the presentation

Please contact InFaith if you have any questions.

  • Some seminars include videos of InFaith donors to provide the perspective of clients and prospects.
  • Please familiarize yourself with each presentation before sharing it with clients and prospects.  Information on the accompanying slides provide a script for your reference.
  • Following up your invitation mailing with a phone call helps improve seminar attendance. Contacting clients and prospect after the seminar improve the likelihood of them taking action on their charitable goals. (How to Start a Charitable Giving Conversation)

Resources for InFaith Seminars:

Resources for You're Invited: 

Resources for Growing Future Support: 

Find additional resources for WomenDiscover Workshop here

InFaith's goal is to provide the expertise, flexibility and choice you need when working with clients on charitable giving. If you have any questions about these presentations, or would like to discuss how InFaith can support your work with clients, please contact us