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Calico Rock Museum Foundation

Endowment Fund

104 Main Street
Calico Rock, AR 72519

The Calico Rock Museum Foundation helps our community leave a legacy by supporting and operating the Calico Rock Museum & Visitor Center. The Endowment Fund provides for the long-term, financial security of the museum and may be used for construction and expansion projects, research and development, and foundation growth.

The Calico Rock Museum tells the story of Calico Rock, Arkansas and her people. The nonprofit museum foundation and endowment fund make sure their legacies are respected and cared for. 

How You Can Help

Through InFaith Community Foundation, thousands of donors are giving in ways that match their interests and circumstances, so that together we can spread joy and change lives.

The Endowment Fund is held with InFaith Community Foundation. Those who wish to keep their identity anonymous can work with InFaith to maintain their privacy. InFaith can also help maximize tax advantages through charitable gifts. Their experienced and professional staff is ready and willing to help you plan and make the gift that best meets your needs. Contact them today

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