Donor Story: Maryann

Maryann’s husband, Rev. “Jerry”, was a Lutheran pastor who made $3,400 a year in their first mission parish in California. As lifelong church workers, Maryann and Jerry never made much, but they somehow made ends meet and were able to put a little away for the future. This lifelong saving commitment paid off. Though Jerry has passed away, Maryann lives comfortably in retirement. Working with her Thrivent Financial representative, she also directs assets to charity in ways that reduce her taxes.

Through The Green Kitty Cat Fund, named after the stories Jerry told their six children and ten grandchildren, Maryann gives to the causes and ideas they believed in, and to the ministries their children now serve. These gifts, given in memory of her husband, now touch many churches and Lutheran schools, as well as the outdoor ministries at Holden Village in the mountains of Washington State, a food pantry in Oregon and Koinonia Family Camp in New York. Closer to home in Seattle, Maryann gives to her church’s community services center, where, among other ministries, they help homeless people with laundry and provide them with access to the church’s showers. Noticing that Sunday kitchen workers were missing out on worship, Maryann also helped purchase audio equipment for the kitchen, as well as for the sanctuary to help people who are hard-of-hearing. In her own words, Maryann is “having a ball” as a newly minted philanthropist in service to the church.

Donors have always been at the heart of what we do at InFaith Community Foundation. We're honored to be part of each donor's generosity.