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Donor Story

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As a child, Ashley saw her father’s generous giving, and allocated some of her own allowance to share with others. She was also moved by stories of faithful leaders who gave away much of their income as they dedicated their lives to a dependence on God’s grace and abundance. These examples always stayed with her—and when she began to receive income from a family farm a few years ago, Ashley was able to work with her financial advisor to create a donor advised fund that will enable her to align her faith and her finances with her passion for mission work. It’s like saving some of her allowance—but on a much larger scale.

As a young ministry worker in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (ICF), Ashley is inspired by sustainable ways to fund and grow Christian communities. Her support for ICF is just the start, as she’s looking to support other organizations and places where the need is most unmet. But Ashley is thinking further about the future, too, by asking her nieces and nephews—all currently under the age of seven—to continue the legacy. Her hope? That she can inspire in the younger generation the same spirit of giving that inspired her as a child.

Donors have always been at the heart of what we do at InFaith Community Foundation. We are continuously inspired by their generosity.

Consider starting your own donor advised fund at InFaith to support the charities and causes that mean the most to you.