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Endowment Fund News

February 2021

Quarterly Endowment Update: February 2021
Greetings! Below you’ll find a link to your quarterly statement, ideas to grow awareness of your endowment fund, and other timely updates as part of Endowment News, our quarterly report to organizations with endowment funds.

Your statement
Your organization’s quarterly statement is now available online. If you serve as your organization’s Fund Advisor, click here to log in and access your statement. You can find a summary of overall investment market activity at infaithfound.org/about-us/financials-reports.

Reflecting on your generosity
In 2020, we saw resilience take center stage. From supporting large-scale relief efforts to giving back to the organizations in your own backyard, you and your supporters have made our shared communities stronger one act of giving at a time. Because of your generosity, we have been able to distribute over $4 million in grants to care for the mission of churches and faith-based organizations across the nation. Thank you for allowing us to help you support your organization.

Organizational endowment guide
Now may be a good time to revisit your planned giving strategy. Start with our organizational endowment guide. This guide includes a variety of giving tools and resources that will help you grow your endowment fund.

In service  
We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you as your giving partner. Whether you want your endowment fund to provide general support or a specific mission-related project, our team is here to help. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Charitable Giving Services team at giftplanner@infaithfound.org or call 800-365-4172. 

With Gratitude,  

Mandy K. Tuong
President & CEO