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Giving Circles Offer Meaningful Way to Connect

Are you looking for another way to reach clients and prospects? Do you aim to inspire generosity in your community? A giving circle through InFaith Community Foundation is an approach to explore.

Giving circles accomplish exactly what their name implies. A group of friends, family, colleagues or neighbors pool their charitable dollars and make giving decisions together. The shared experience results in greater impact from larger gifts than individuals could accomplish alone.

InFaith can help you and your clients facilitate a giving circle to meet the needs of a variety of groups—from a small group of friends pooling money for a common cause, to a highly structured organization investing and distributing contributions over time based on established bylaws. Share this giving circle illustration with your clients.

Veteran Thrivent Financial representative Melanie Meyer hosted a WomenGive workshop and giving circle with the local Soroptimist organization in her community. Will it lead to appointments? “Absolutely,” she says.

Resources to Get Started

Visit our website to learn more about InFaith giving circles. We offer an online workbook that helps groups get started.

Consider exploring your personal giving as an FR. Create your own giving circle with friends, family or colleagues.

Call InFaith to learn more about workshops and giving circles, including potential InFaith matching gifts and compensation on Invest & Grow Giving Circles.