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Giving Together

To Spread Joy & Change Lives

When you establish a giving circle at InFaith Community Foundation, you’re part of a network of giving circles committed to making a difference in our shared communities.


A giving circle is a group of friends, family or co-workers who pool charitable gifts to achieve a greater impact. As a group, you make decisions on where to give and witness the change your charitable gifts can make.
Why InFaith?
When your giving circle works with InFaith to administer and support your giving circle fund, you become part of a network of giving circles acting on faith, values and life experiences by giving. InFaith is honored to be your giving partner and will serve as a trusted steward for your giving circle assets.

At InFaith Community Foundation, your giving circle is in the form of a donor advised fund, which offers the benefits of administrative support with low fees, flexibility to give to any IRS-qualified charity, and tax-deductible contributions for giving circle participants.


The Power of a Giving Circle

Through a giving circle at InFaith, donors collectively achieve greater impact while engaging in shared learning and building community.



The process of creating a giving circle


When you start a giving circle at InFaith, you have access to many resources to help structure your giving circle.

These resources include:

  • Getting started overview
  • Key discussions
  • Meeting agendas
  • Giving circle guidelines 

If you currently have a giving circle at InFaith and are having trouble accessing these materials, please contact us.