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How it Works

Easy, Personalized & Effective Giving

Are you grateful for all you’ve been given? A charitable giving plan is a key component of your overall financial strategy. Often referred to as a charitable checking account, a donor advised fund provides you with the giving flexibility you need to provide support to the charities and causes closest to your heart. From meeting unmet needs in your community, to giving back to causes you care about, we give you the tools and resources to take action — and create impact.


Give in ways that are right for you with maximum tax benefits.


Grow your donor advised fund through investment and sound stewardship.


Grant to your favorite charities and causes when and how you wish.

Giving Options Through InFaith

By giving through InFaith, you have access to a variety of sound giving options that spread joy and change lives throughout our shared community.

InFaith's Community Illustration.


Give assets now.

Make charitable decisions later.

Any charity. Any time.

Recommend any charity and request a specific grant purpose if you like.

Involve others.

Include family or friends in your giving decisions.  Name successor advisors, such as family and friends, to continue your legacy.

Receive tax benefits.

Receive maximum tax benefits, based on when and how you give.

Stay in the know.

Monitor your giving through statements and online access.

Efficient, effective giving.

Bypass the cost and complexities of a private family foundation.