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Inter-Lutheran Theological Seminary

Endowment Fund

P.O. Box 449
Hancock, MI 49930

As people of God, we strive to listen to His call to us. This fund gives donors the opportunity to create a long lasting legacy gift that will endow the work of the Inter-Lutheran Theological Seminary. 

It is the intention of the Seminary to preserve the principal and a portion of the fund’s earnings, and use the remainder of the earnings to fulfill its mission.

How Do you Want To Give?

Through InFaith Community Foundation, thousands of donors are giving in ways that match their interests and circumstances, so that together we can spread joy and change lives.

Give Through InFaith

  • Give Now: Support the Endowment Fund immediately
  • Give Later: Benefit the Endowment Fund upon death
  • Give & Receive: Receive income now and support the Endowment Fund later

For assistance giving to this fund, please contact InFaith Community Foundation.