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InFaith’s First Donor Creates Lasting Impact

Kathryn Ulvilden Moen’s lifelong passion for music was evident throughout her St. Paul, Minn. home. A cello sat in her living room, bookshelves held stacks of sheet music and a set of organ pipes eight feet high made up an entire wall. 

For more than 55 years, Kathryn lived out her devotion to music by sharing her talents with both the church and with music students as an accomplished organ performer and college music instructor. She recently died at age 99.

Sharing a Passion for Music 
It was this love for music, along with her long-range charitable interests and an appreciation for her alma mater, Luther College, that led Kathryn to establish The Kathryn Ulvilden Moen Endowed Fund for Organ and Church Music. This fund, which was created in 1995, distinguished her as InFaith’s first donor. Kathryn Ulvilden Moen playing the organ.

Kathryn created her donor advised fund with a goal to help those who shared her passion for organ music, so that they would be able to enjoy the same rich life she had experienced throughout her career.

“I think we have all been given so much in live, that we really owe it to society and to God to give back – to be good stewards of what we have,” Kathryn said when she established the fund.  

Transforming Students’ Lives
Kathryn created her fund using life insurance, which will provide scholarships for organ performance and church music students at Luther College. The gift will also fund an annual Kathryn Ulvilden Moen Organ Recital at Luther, featuring an artist of international caliber. 

Gregory Peterson, professor of music and college organist at Luther College, said Kathryn often visited the campus. She also donated her music library and organ, which students now use to practice their talents. 

“Kathryn’s gift will transform students’ lives in terms of their ability to study at a high level and project their careers to a profession that will be both fulfilling and rewarding,” Gregory said. “Kathryn was deeply rooted and deeply committed to the church and to Lutheran higher education. She would be excited to know that her impact continues on in the hands and feet of these
top-flight organ performers.” 

When Kathryn first created her fund, she said her gift provided a way to give back. It also served as a tribute to her family, who supported her education and love of Luther College. In her words, “I’ve really been blessed. I just feel I owe it to others.” 

Write Your Legacy Letter
Your Letter to the Future is about sharing your giving story in words. It’s a way to tell family, future generations and friends about your giving goals and vision. This letter doesn’t need to be polished. What’s important is that it shares your values with those who will continue your legacy.


Scholarship Fund Options
InFaith enables you to provide scholarship support to students through a number of charitable fund options. These scholarships can be awarded in your name, or in memory or honor of another. Scholarships are designated for any level of education, provided that the application and selection process is guided through an accredited institution. These grants are made payable to the educational institution and are intended to cover tuition, fees, books, supplies and/or equipment required for study.


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