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InFaith News - Spring 2016

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A Message from InFaith Executive Director

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We all know how it goes. You push to make year-end numbers, and on January 1, you're back to zero, starting over again. But the thing is, everything you did still matters. In fact, it matters long into the future.

That's certainly the case when you help your clients make charitable decisions. This begins a chain of events that first changes your clients' lives and then moves into the world to change the lives of people they will never know.

Following each year-end, InFaith takes a moment to thank and recognize FRs who have done significant work serving the charitable interests of clients. We celebrate this group as our 2015 Voices in Philanthropy (VIPs) and Hall of Honor (HOH) recipients. See more information below about InFaith's FR recognition program, along with the 2015 recipient list. 

Serving Clients in 2016

  • Coming soon, InFaith's 20th Anniversary Annual Report. Entitled 'Now. What?', donors share their stories about what comes next.
  • Stay tuned for more information on Thrivent's Summer Academies and how you can get more involved in charitable giving strategies.
  • Call us about our new no-minimum Donor Advised Fund and Advisor Managed Fund options.

In Faith,
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Chris Andersen, President & Executive Director 


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Serving You & Your Clients: Leading with Generosity

Image of Thrivent Financial Associate Mike Darrington and his wife Kerry.  

Before setting his business goals for 2016, Thrivent Financial Associate Mike Darrington and his wife, Kerry, set their generosity goals. For the Darringtons, these generosity goals set the tone for their business, helping people do the most with their resources.

No Minimum Donor Advised Fund
Working toward their generosity goals, Mike and Kerry put their thoughts into action by establishing a donor advised fund through InFaith, taking advantage of the new, no minimum Dynamic Fund.

"It makes personal sense for us and business sense because clients will see our actions and may act on it themselves," Mike says.

Like many, InFaith's new no minimum Donor Advised Fund created new opportunities for the couple. Now donors like the Darringtons can open a fund with any amount and make grants of just $200 or more to the charities that mean the most to them.

Walking the Talk
"The donor advised fund is one way to walk the talk of generosity for us," Mike said. "It helps us be more intentional about giving now and share the story with others who have similar goals." Eventually, their fund will grow significantly from proceeds of a second-to-die life contract.

In addition to establishing their fund at InFaith, Mike and Kerry are leading with generosity and building their business by networking with volunteers in their community.

"Our goal is to inform new members about Thrivent Action Teams and help them generate ideas," Kerry said. She recently served with others in Missoula to prepare first aid kits and personal hygiene care packages for a worldwide refugee relief project. "We want to go the extra mile to show we're grateful that people are involved in the community," Kerry says.

For Resources & Support, Call InFaith
InFaith's no minimum option gives donors additional flexibility to build a fund over time. Call an InFaith gift planner to explore this and other possibilities for you and your clients. 


More Information

  • Congratulations to FRs Paul Dahlgren & Daren Skonord for being inducted into the InFaith Hall of Honor for their career-long commitment to charitable giving. Additionally, congratulations to all 38 FRs named 2015 VIPs for their work with generosity in 2015. 
    View the full 2015 list.
    Read more about InFaith's FR Recognition Program
  • Join InFaith gift planners for two additional webinars in 2016 to discuss charitable giving topics that impact your business. 
    - Upcoming Webinar:
    'How to Start the Charitable Giving Conversation.'
    July 21, 2016 | 10am central time | Register here
    - Previous Webinar:
    'Everything You Need to Know About Donor Advised Funds.'
    View recording of previous webinar
  • More about InFaith's new, no minimum Dynamic Donor Advised Fund: Donors can now open a fund with ANY amount. They can also make grants that draw down their fund value below the previous $10,000 minimum. We think this flexibility will encourage younger donors to open funds and those who want to build a fund over time.

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