January Financial Professional Perspective: Shawn Taylor | InFaith Community Foundation

January Financial Professional Perspective: Shawn Taylor

Spontaneous Gift was Years in the Making

In December, veteran financial consultant Shawn Taylor met with a long-time client who came to his office to double check beneficiaries. A widower for about a year, the man mentioned he was thinking of donating money.

With Shawn’s recommendation, the client established a donor advised fund at InFaith Community Foundation that day. Named for both the client and his wife, the donor advised fund will receive proceeds from CDs and other savings upon the client’s death. Then, over the following 10 years, the fund will distribute annual support to the church and local humane society that meant so much to his wife.

 “His reaction was pure gratitude. That he could give one-third of his assets was a blessing,” Shawn says.

While it seems spontaneous on the surface, the gift was years in the making. Shawn knew his client wanted to honor his wife. He understood the man’s financial circumstances and that he didn’t want to leave all his money to his son. And, Shawn trusted that InFaith could help the client achieve those goals.

Shawn says, “I’ve spent my career helping people do what they have to do. The greatest fulfillment is helping them do what they want to do. It’s rewarding to show people how they can be more generous with what they have.”

The Value of a Trusted Collaboration

Shawn was introduced to InFaith a decade ago by a new financial professional. While at a Thrivent sales meeting, the new rep shared that he had established a donor advised fund through InFaith with future 401(k) proceeds (to be received upon his death).

“I was inspired by a young guy who was making plans now for future giving,” Shawn says. Shawn borrowed the idea for his own donor advised fund and has collaborated with InFaith ever since.

Shawn says, “InFaith has a broader, more objective view to help me see the possibilities that I would miss otherwise. I don’t need to be a subject matter expert on charitable concepts because their gift planners are.”

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