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Living in the Spirit of Generosity & Abundance


When she inherited $10,000 from her mother, Monica Bellizzi opened a donor advised fund at InFaith Community Foundation. Her objective was to involve the women in her family in giving back to the community and leaving a legacy of generosity.

Continuing the charitable giving traditions and values of her mother and mother-in-law, Monica named her fund "The Bellizzi Women's Fund." Each year around Valentine's Day, Monica meets with her three daughters-in-law and granddaughter to discuss issues important to them. They collectively make grant decisions to support nonprofits of their choice. Monica enthusiastically describes these meetings as "very fun" and enjoys interacting with her family and grantmaking as a group.

"Our giving goal is to help women and children," Monica explains. "We're particularly interested in supporting smaller local charities to make a direct difference in our community."

When Monica's granddaughter, Arianna, was 14, she tapped into her love of horses as inspiration for giving. Through research, Arianna discovered a nonprofit organization using horses as therapy for children with learning disabilities, and it was only five miles away. Another year, the Bellizzi's grant support helped build a memorial garden at a women's shelter to honor a community member and friend.

Continuing the legacy of generosity

The Bellizzi Women's Fund is as a prime example of InFaith's mission to spread joy and change lives. InFaith is a national, faith-based charity offering opportunity to give based on personal charitable interests and financial circumstances. InFaith offers a no-minimum donor advised fund, so that no matter the amount you give to create your fund, you can live in the spirit of generosity and abundance and support our shared community.

Monica believed this fund would serve as a fun opportunity for the women in her family to collaborate and change lives in their local community. In the process, they discovered how the act of giving can be an act of togetherness.

Ways to give through InFaith

For more than 20 years, InFaith has helped thousands of people create charitable funds that support the organizations and causes that mean the most to them. Call 800-365-4172 or visit for more information. InFaith is here to help you take action on your faith, values and life experiences through giving.