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Growing Your Endowment

Quarterly Endowment News

E-newsletter for those with active endowment funds at InFaith

Be sure to check our endowment fund news, which contains the latest updates for organizations with endowment funds at InFaith.

For organizations with endowment funds at InFaith, the tools and resources below are available for you below at no cost.

Tools & Resources For Organizations with Endowments Held at InFaith

Customizable Brochure

With your input, InFaith creates a brochure that outlines giving options and provides customized content with your endowment fund’s mission and purpose. Once finalized, InFaith provides you with a PDF that you may take to your selected printer.

Request Form for Brochure

Planned Giving Educational Articles

Pre-written paragraphs covering a wide variety of giving opportunities available to your organization’s supporters. Articles can easily be integrated in your newsletters, bulletin inserts and other program materials.

Download Planned Giving Educational Articles

Organizational Endowment Guide

The Organizational Endowment Guide is a resource that provides basic information on endowment funds. It also includes planned giving ideas to help organizations grow their endowment fund.

Download Organizational Endowment Guide

Webinar: Completing the Church Tax-Exemption Questionnaire

In our commitment to sound stewardship, InFaith must periodically confirm the charitable status for churches and faith-based nonprofits for which we hold funds. Churches recently received tax-exemption questionnaires that assist us with that process. In this webinar recording you will find a tutorial on how to complete the forms.

View Webinar Recording

More Materials Provided for Organizations held at InFaith

As an organization with an endowment fund at InFaith, you have access to a variety of resources to market your endowment fund.

These resources include:

  • Customized brochure about your endowment fund;
  • An button for your website;
  • Planned giving educational articles; and our
  • Endowment marketing kit, which includes:
    • Bulletin blurbs;
    • Sample newsletter articles;
    • A marketing calendar;
    • Postcards, ads & flyers with pre-written copy and pre-made designs;
    • Short letters;
    • Year-end letters;
    • Social media posts & images; and
    • Event ideas.

InFaith staff if here to assist you at any time. If your organization currently has an endowment fund at InFaith and you are having trouble accessing these materials, please contact us.