Merry Christmas from InFaith 2016 | InFaith Community Foundation

Merry Christmas from InFaith 2016

Merry Christmas from InFaith Community Foundation
Merry Christmas from the Staff of InFaith Community Foundation
Last week the Wall Street Journal ran its annual story on how to give to charity. Now to be clear, The WSJ doesn’t typically write about generosity, they write about money and year-end giving related to tax deductions. Still, I read with interest because at InFaith we believe that wise giving matters. And while all of the advice made practical sense, it all felt, well, transactional. It also reminded me that while the WSJ may be a good place to look for financial information, it’s probably not the best place when looking for good theology.

We give for many reasons. Some of them aren’t always the best reasons (guilt, pressure, shame, obligation) and some of them are motivated by good planning and include tax deductions. But in this season of Christmas we are reminded that the truest gifts come from love and joy and they are life-changing. We celebrate the gift of Jesus Christ who offers us transformational love and miraculous joy. And he brings hope to the hopeless. Yes, we want to be wise in our giving. But in the end, we give because we love, we give because we are grateful, we give to end the suffering in the world and to create opportunities for others. And we are forever changed by it.

All of the Board and Staff of InFaith send our wishes for a blessed Christmas to all of you. We are truly grateful to be a part of your generosity.
Chris Andersen, President & Executive Director