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Donor Advised Fund Grants

Donors Make a Difference in our Shared Community

InFaith Community Foundation donors are changing lives where they find their strongest connections. Through custom donor advised funds, donors grant to charities at times of their choosing or designate charities or causes to receive automatic annual grants. This grant support is distributed to thousands of charities throughout local, national, and global communities.


InFaith Community Foundation’s donor services department is here to help make the most of your giving plans. Images of staff members on the Donor Services & Grants team.

  • Recommend new grants from your fund, check the status of a grant request, or request that a grant be expedited;
  • Create or refine your giving goals;
  • Update your Fund Agreement with new beneficiaries, advisors, or contingencies;
  • Research charities match with your charitable goals and values;
  • Verify charities eligible to receive support from your fund;
  • Follow-up with charities on how grant support was used;
  • Discuss unique grantmaking scenarios (i.e., international grants),
  • Schedule a personal visit or phone review of your charitable fund; or,
  • Connect you to a Gift Planner to make additional gifts to your fund.

We’re here to serve you. To speak with a donor service advisor, contact InFaith at 800.365.4172 or email

Your Giving Goals

At InFaith Community Foundation, our mission is to serve you and carry out your giving goals -- goals that reflect your life experiences, values, and passions.

The following questions are designed to provide insight to the giving decisions reflected in your fund agreement. Your responses will also help guide InFaith and successor advisors should a recommended charity cease to exist or change its mission so that we can carry out your giving intentions far into the future.

Complete Your Giving Goals

Discovering Community No Matter the Location
Community is an important part of our identity for each of us.

InFaith donor Dr. Richard Barkalow was involved in his community and church throughout his life no matter where he was living. As a humble man, he was quiet about his money and wealth. Richard cared very deeply about the church communities where he was a member.

An image of a bible on stand at front of church

Research Charities

In its role as steward, InFaith performs due diligence on all grants we distribute. We believe that learning more about charities and their work leads to more informed and thoughtful giving decisions; and being an informed and thoughtful giver will result in more effective grants to help charities advance their work. To support and encourage donor research, we suggest you to use the resources below to gather information about specific charities you wish to support, and learn more about charitable giving. 

Learn More About Charities

Charity Navigator is America's largest evaluator of charities. Their rating system examines two broad areas of a charity's financial health - how responsibly it functions day-to-day, as well as how well positioned it is to sustain its programs over time. Each charity is then awarded an overall rating, ranging from zero to four stars.
With free registration, you can view information on all 1.7 million nonprofits listed with GuideStar; all are formally registered with the IRS or have proven they meet all IRS criteria for exempt organizations.

Learn More About Giving

Inspired Philanthropy
Resources and activities from the popular book, Inspired Philanthropy, are available on this site.
National Center on Family Philanthropy
The National Center site offers resources to encourage individuals and families to create and sustain a philanthropic mission.
Charities Review Council
How to take a closer look at charities before making your important social investment.
Chronicle of Philanthropy
This newspaper of the nonprofit world has articles of interest to donors.