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October FR Perspective: Gifts of Life Insurance


Leading with Generosity: Life Insurance is Part of the Conversation

Matt Buehrer considers himself a matchmaker, frequently asking clients what they are passionate about. It’s a way to connect them with local charities in the local communities he serves. “Being charitable starts with action,” he says.

The veteran financial associate has built his practice over 28 years with a commitment to “leading with generosity.” The approach has a lasting impact on both the nonprofit organizations and the volunteers. In fact, Matt’s clients have completed more than 270 Thrivent Action Team projects in the past year.

Matt uses the traditional financial pyramid to get his clients on track and stay focused. As they approach the top of the pyramid, conversations move toward legacy planning. He says his job is to get the right asset to the right person in the right amount at the right time.

“I ask clients what kind of influence they want to have in the future without leaving it up to chance,” he says. “When we talk about wanting to provide for loved ones, life insurance is a natural option, and it’s the same for charities they care about.”


FR’s Mission Statement Draws Charitable Clients

Ask Financial Consultant Andrew Mortenson where he finds clients and he recites a long list of nonprofit organizations where he both volunteers and shares the Thrivent story. “My mission is to help clients give more money to people and causes and less money to the IRS,” he says.

According to Andrew, the best part of working with InFaith Community Foundation is the expertise that gift planners bring to his clients. “They help facilitate the process of giving the gift, and sometimes they have a better idea than what we originally planned,” he says.

Andrew says life insurance to a donor advised fund is an efficient way for clients to make a difference long after their passing. Depending on the client, Andrew recommends using required minimum distributions (RMDs) they don’t need to create a life contract that supports favorite charities.

“It’s easy for me to talk to clients about using life insurance because I’m sold on it myself,” Andrew says. “While we’re young and healthy, my wife and I can leverage our giving so much more. And the premiums are deductible.”


Key Features of Charitable Life Insurance

A gift of life insurance given through InFaith Community Foundation enables donors to make a significant charitable gift upon their death.

  • Donors transfer ownership of an existing life contract to InFaith for immediate tax benefits.
  • Ongoing premiums are tax deductible when InFaith is the owner of the contract.
  • Premiums paid with appreciated securities bypass capital gains if the asset was held more than one year.
  • Donors can change named charities over time.
  • 20% or $50,000, whichever is greater, must stay in on-going fund (either term of years or perpetual) while the rest may go out in immediate lump sum grants.


Get Started Today. To learn more about creating a donor advised fund through life insurance or to consult about specific clients, call InFaith gift planners at 800-365-4172.


Review the Life Insurance Referral Incentive information sheet.