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Brochures & Product Sheets

Introducing InFaith

InFaith Community Foundation offers a wide variety of brochures and product sheets to introduce charitable giving, explain the range of giving options available through the Foundation (Give Now, Give Later, Give & Receive), and help a donor set up their fund.

Your Values. Your Giving.

At the heart of every InFaith donor is the desire to express faith, values, and life experiences through giving. Learn more about InFaith through our introductory brochure.


Your Values Your Giving
InFaith Community Foundation Charitable Fund Options

Charitable Fund Options

InFaith's Give Now Give Later and Give & Receive Brochure

Give now. Give later. Give & receive.

InFaith Community Foundation Giving Options & Benefits

Giving Options & Benefits

Giving Through InFaith

Giving Through InFaith

An InFaith infographic

InFaith Infographic


InFaith Community Foundation Donor Advised Fund Workbook

Fund Workbook

A workbook for starting your fund.

Download PDF or

Create a Fund Online

InFaith Community Foundation Donor Advised Fund Policies & Guidelines

Donor Advised Fund Policies & Guidelines

InFaith Community Foundation Non Advised Fund Policies & Guidelines

Non-Advised Fund Policies & Guidelines

Compliance approval of general InFaith promotional brochures and handouts is not required by Thrivent. InFaith materials created specifically for Thrivent channels are reviewed and approved by Thrivent compliance. Supplemental customized materials created by Thrivent financial professionals must be submitted to Thrivent compliance for review.

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