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Introducing InFaith

To Your Market & Your Community

Starting the Charitable Conversation

Charitable Fact Finder

Questions for your clients including financial security, values, charitable interests, and tax considerations. Based on the responses, InFaith can help you create a charitable giving plan for your client that matches their needs and interests.

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How to Start the Charitable Conversation with Clients - Webinar

  • Introducing the topic of charitable planning;
  • How to introduce InFaith and our relationship with Thrivent;
  • How to identify charitable prospects; and
  • When to bring up the topic (within existing conversations like transfer of wealth, estate planning, etc.). 

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Sharing Your Good Fortune

A Thrivent & InFaith co-branded piece for clients that explains different giving styles and ways to give through InFaith.

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If you're a Thrivent Financial Professional, this piece can be found on the Sales Literature page of FieldNet and on Storefront under the "Charitable Giving" category, or by searching the product number 32085.

Barbara Hollis Shingler

Helping Your Clients Leave a Legacy

Barbara Hollis Shingler
Andrew Gray

Starting the Conversation

Andrew Gray

Clients Want to Talk about Generosity

Nancy Hansen