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Donor Advised Funds Tailored to Family Giving

Financial Consultant David Kratz shares how he helps his clients include family in their charitable planning decisions.



Financial Consultant David Kratz has been sharing ideas with his clients for 35 years. One concept that many of his clients find especially meaningful is including family in their charitable planning decisions. That was the intent of David’s clients who recently established a donor advised fund at InFaith Community Foundation. 

By giving a charitable life insurance policy to her donor advised fund, InFaith donor Diane Jaeger accomplished her giving dream of supporting her church.

When Nathan Mahnke’s client revealed her dream to donate a million dollars to the church founded by her grandparents, tax efficiency was not on her mind. Then the Thrivent financial consultant explained how she could realize her dream and benefit from a significant annual tax deduction.

The following Q3 market update provides context for the investment performance of your charitable assets at InFaith Community Foundation.

Financial professional Jean Greening has collaborated with InFaith Community Foundation for many years to provide a wide range of charitable solutions to her clients.

With support from an InFaith donor, the University of Wisconsin-Madison is making scientific strides to discover a possible prevention of Type 1 Diabetes.

Through InFaith Community Foundation, financial professional Jeff Olinger helped his clients reach their retirement and charitable goals by establishing a charitable remainder unitrust. 

Constance is pursuing her Master's of Divinity with a goal of becoming a hospice or trauma chaplain to serve her community.

Christina will focus her career on family and marriage in the black community and has a goal of starting her own private therapy practice.

Through her Master's in Social Work, Simone has a vision of creating community accessible curriculum around equity and power building.