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Charitable Solutions to Bring into 2021

As you develop your 2021 business plan, Wealth Advisor Holly Mathiesen suggests a variety of solutions to support your charitable conversations with clients.



These past weeks, we were witnesses to the tragic death of George Floyd. We also saw the anger, frustration and call of change Mr. Floyd’s death evoked. As we grapple with the full impact of these events, we at InFaith still believe that in all of us is light, hope and love. We have therefore joined with Thrivent to create an integrated community response, investing $3 million in community action, in pursuit of long-term systemic change.

When meeting with her clients, financial professional Jennifer Cords emphasizes the effectiveness of a Donor Advised Fund. By helping her clients put their charitable plans in place, they're able to support the charities closest to their hearts, even in a time of uncertainty.

We all want a place of possibilities, where we can help create the world we we seek. A place where we can strengthen the people, causes and organizations closest to our hearts.

Craig recommended his client make a beneficiary proceeds gift to InFaith Community Foundation. Being strategic about timing the gifts will save her income taxes and taxable gains, and allow her to provide about $7 million to several causes related to animal and human rights, locally and globally, upon her death. 

Each year as part of InFaith Community Foundation’s Financial Professional Recognition Program, InFaith honors Thrivent Financial professionals who provide exemplary service to donors like you as you put your faith and values into action through charitable giving.

The following Q1 market update provides context for the investment performance of your charitable assets at InFaith Community Foundation.

As we continue to serve you and your clients, InFaith has created additional resource videos on popular giving strategies including gifts of life insurance, charitable gift annuities and bequests & beneficiary proceeds

Michael Fleming believes he’s paying it forward every time he talks to other Thrivent financial professionals about InFaith Community Foundation. A veteran FP took Michael under his wing about 19 years ago and introduced the young rep to InFaith. “He wanted to help me grow and invited me to a workshop featuring InFaith,” Michael says. The more he learned, the more he wanted to help clients with their charitable planning.

In 2009, InFaith donors Ronnie & Marge set up The Alvin & Marie Memorial Fund to remember Ronnie’s parents, Alvin & Marie. The couple remains active in their giving journey by practicing generosity as a family to support the charities and causes closest to their hearts. 

A financial professional with Thrivent for five years, Brittany began working with InFaith in 2019. She believes InFaith complements her gifts as an FP. “My vocational ministry is to help people make good choices with their money and be more generous,” she says.