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Resources for Organizational Endowments


InFaith Community Foundation offers a wide variety of brochures and product sheets to introduce organizational endowment funds, explain the range of giving options available through the Foundation, and help an organization set up its fund.

Growing Future Support

Many churches and faith-based nonprofits recognize the need for income to support their mission in the future. Learn more about InFaith’s flexible option to build an endowment fund to maximize your organization’s financial support.


Church Cross
Creating an endowment fund for future gifts.

Creating an Endowment Fund for Future Gifts: Shell Funds

InFaith Investment Practices

Distribution and Investment Practices: What's Right for your Endowment Fund?

Endowment FAQs

Endowment Fund FAQs

Giving Options for Organizations

Endowment Giving Options & Benefits

endowment fund program picture of product sheet

InFaith's Endowment Program: Overview

Endowment Bylaws

Sample Bylaws for Endowment Funds


InFaith Community Foundation Endowment Fund Workbook

Endowment Fund Workbook

InFaith Community Foundation Endowment Fund Policies & Guidelines

Endowment Fund Policies & Guidelines


InFaith Community Foundation Charitable Seminar Presentation

Charitable Seminar Presentations

InFaith is excited to offer four presentations to share with your clients and prospects, either one-on-one or in a larger group setting. Two of these presentations were crafted to present to organizations who are considering, or have already established, an endowment fund at InFaith.


InFaith Community Foundation Organizational Endowment Guide

Organizational Endowment Guide

The Organizational Endowment Guide brochure is a resource that provides basic information on endowment funds. It also includes planned giving ideas to help organizations grow their endowment fund.


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