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Profiles of Joy - Winter 2016

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From InFaith's Executive Director

As I look at the more than 7,000 charities that benefit from the thousands of donor advised funds at InFaith, I am struck by the idea that our donors are taking action without regard to boundaries.

Maybe this is the very definition of generosity; that we move beyond ourselves and beyond our own self-interest. And surely a part of this generosity is the notion that there is no such thing as other people's problems. Generosity invites us to join the other in their otherness, wherever they live.

This is certainly true of the donors profiled in this edition of Profiles of Joy. In their story, these donors teach us about compassion beyond our national boundaries.

And together with other InFaith donors, they invite and inspire us to live a life without boundaries and beyond our own experience, and to know what spreading joy really means.

We are grateful to be able to share your blessings with the world, and wish you a joy-filled new year.

In Faith,

Chris Andersen, President & Executive Director 


InFaith Donor Profile: Spreading Joy Around the World

Image of child in wheelchair smiling at the camera.   
Photo Credit: World Access Project. 

Each donor at InFaith Community Foundation is spreading joy and changing lives throughout our shared community by giving. For some donors, community is found in their own backyard; for others, community is found throughout the U.S. or even around the world.

One InFaith donor, who shared his story with us anonymously, is spreading joy and changing lives around the world through both hands-on work and grants from his donor advised fund.

"I ask the Lord for His direction and try to listen to what He is saying," the donor shared. "I try to select charities where the money can make an immediate impact on the recipient's life." It was this generosity that connected the donor to World Access Project, a charity now close to his heart.

World Access Project donates used and refurbished wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, canes, and other mobility equipment to impoverished people with disabilities throughout Mexico. Each recipient is unable to afford this equipment and would not otherwise have mobility.

In addition to providing financial support through grants from his donor advised fund, the donor also helps with equipment collections within his local community. This past year, he assisted in delivering more than 100 wheelchairs to Tamascalcingo, Mexico. In the process, he witnessed the life-changing gift of mobility for individuals and families first hand. 

"When we give a wheelchair to someone who has a disability, mobility can totally change his or her life. This person now has access to the world, can get a job, and get outside their house."

Through his InFaith donor advised fund, the donor also supports other international charities: The Mali Assistance Project, to help build a school and provide furnishings like desks, chairs, and books; Zimbabwe Mission Partnership, working to relieve the suffering of orphaned children in rural areas; and Advancing Native Missions, which helps take God's message to the world's remaining unreached people.

When asked about the donor's favorite part of giving, he replied, "Knowing that what I give is helping someone. you can never out-give God. He has blessed me mightily, and it seems only right to give back."  



Serving Donors: 2015 InFaith Donor Survey



InFaith recently conducted its annual donor survey to assess donor satisfaction with foundation services and to learn more about the community issues donors care about most.



If you received this survey, which is sent to half of InFaith's donor base every year, thank you for your participation. Your feedback is appreciated as we work to serve you and your giving interests.

Survey Highlights:

  •  Overall donor satisfaction of InFaith is 94%, and 94% of donors experience joy in giving through their donor advised funds. We also received valuable feedback that will help improve future service.
  • Donors continue to highly value staff assistance with their funds, fund statements, donor handbooks, InFaith's website and DonorView.
  • 40% of donors intend to make additional gifts to their donor advised fund to enhance their giving.
  • Homelessness, domestic disaster response, food/hunger, and seniors/elderly were top issues donors want supported through InFaith Collaborative Funds, which are separate from InFaith donor advised funds. This feedback will help guide future grantmaking from these Collaborative Funds.


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