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Resources for Year-End Charitable Giving

Year-end is a popular season for giving. By partnering with InFaith Community Foundation, you can help your clients maximize their year-end charitable gifts using the following resources: 

Giving Through InFaith Explainer Videos: Donor Advised Funds, Bundling & QCDs Picture of InFaith's Community illustration.
To help you grow your charitable business, InFaith has created a set of compliance-approved explainer videos that describe the variety of giving strategies available through InFaith - from donor advised funds, bundling charitable gifts and qualified charitable distributions (QCDs).

Use these video resources during your conversations with clients as you explain various charitable giving concepts. You can also find pre-written social media posts on Thrivent's Hearsay program to share these videos with your social network.

5 Ways to Power Year-End Giving 
Whether your clients Give Now, Give Later or Give & Receive, they will set in motion a gift that will change lives now and for years to come. Consider these tips from InFaith on the benefits of value-based giving.

InFaith 2019 Giving Deadlines
To ensure your clients receive their 2019 charitable tax deduction, check out InFaith's required gift deadlines. Review our 2019 Giving deadlines here

InFaith's Newest Resource 
Our “Giving Through InFaith” tri-fold brochure describes InFaith’s offerings with gift minimums. Download it here.

Consult Gift Planners
Call our gift planners at 800-365-4172 for help in supporting your clients' unique charitable intentions.