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Sharing Light & Hope

In our individual lives, our communities, our nation, and in our world, we have seen and come out on the other side of devastation and turmoil time and time again. And yet for many of us, what we are experiencing today is unprecedented. Fear is coming down hard – fear of what we don’t know; fear of change; and fear of loss. This might cause us to act and live in a way that we would not otherwise. Or it can bring out the best in us. 

Through you – our donors, community partners, and partners at Thrivent – we at InFaith are uniquely positioned to see the world in terms of what is possible, not what is impossible. We know and believe that in all of us is a light, hope and love that the world needs most urgently right now, and that will help heal our shared community.

What does this mean? We need to do our part to help slow down the spread of COVID-19, following the important instructions around public health from the CDC.  There is more information about broader implications and considerations at Thrivent’s page on COVID response. While we remember to wash our hands, let’s also remember that we are called to wash one another’s feet in spirit. We are called to serve one another, especially when times are hard. 

Together, InFaith and Thrivent are here to help you do that in a safe and impactful way. We recognize that this issue is so broad, it may be hard to know where to start. Here are three ways to begin:

1. If you’d like to amplify the impact of your gift, consider contributing to InFaith’s Collaborative Funds in Disaster Relief. Through our Disaster Relief Collaborative Fund, donors make gifts to pool with other generous donors to achieve a greater impact. We are now making focused grants to support organizations that are on the ground helping those hit hard by COVID-19, particularly those communities experiencing food insecurity, housing/shelter, and providing emergency financial assistance. We will also share the grants we make as we go to ensure that you know we are aiming for the greatest quality, and you see our shared impact.

2. If you want ideas on how to support those in your own backyard, we’ve started a resource page that includes both national and state-level service organizations with programs to help those hardest hit by COVID-19 in the priority areas mentioned above. Rather than a comprehensive list, this is simply here to inspire thought around localized support. 

3. Make a grant through your Donor Advised Fund to a charity you already know and needs your support at this time. With your Donor Advised Fund, you can select those causes nearest to your heart and request a specific grant purpose if you like.

Explore your options on how you can share your light and serve in this great time of need by visiting or Contact Us and one of our staff can help you navigate where your gifts can be best employed to match your values.

With gratitude,

Mandy Tuong, President and CEO
InFaith Community Foundation

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