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Give Later

Making a Gift of Real Estate with Life Estate Reserved

What is Life Estate Reserved?

Donors sign a Life Estate Agreement and a deed, transferring immediate ownership of the real estate to InFaith Community Foundation; however, the deed states the donor retains the right to use the property for their lifetime(s). At the end of the donor’s life, InFaith takes immediate possession of the property, and it does not go through probate. The property is sold and the net proceeds are allocated to the donors’ choice of charitable funds at InFaith.

Gift Minimum: $200,000 

How to Make a Gift of Real Estate with Life Estate Reserved
  1. Request a personalized illustration for your client by calling 800-365-4172. To create a customized illustration for your client, InFaith requires the following information: 
    • Client's name, birthdate and tax bracket.
    • Proposed gift amount including cost basis. Please distinguish between value of land and value of buildings and other improvements.
  2. InFaith sends an illustration packet to review with your client.
  3. If your client wishes to proceed and establish a gift of real estate, Create a Fund at InFaith online or complete and return the Fund Workbook and the Real Estate Worksheet and Environmental Questionnaire.
  4. Review your compensation options from Thrivent or American Funds. 
Target Audience
  • Clients interested in making a gift of real estate, but who want to continue to use or rent out the property during their lifetime.
  • Clients who wish to give real estate and bypass associated gains when it is sold. 
  • Clients who wish to remove the property from their estate now and avoid probate.
Tax and Financial Benefits for Your Clients
  • Your client receives a charitable income tax deduction in the year of the gift equal to a portion of the appraised fair market value.
  • For gifts of long-term appreciated real estate, the annual deduction limit is 30% of the donor’s AGI.
  • Unused charitable deductions may be carried over an additional 5 years.
  • Donor can use or rent the property until their death, at which time InFaith takes possession.
  • The property given is not subject to probate.
  • InFaith sells appreciated assets tax-free.

InFaith Community Foundation will support you with a full range of charitable products and services, and you'll be compensated for your efforts by Thrivent or American Funds. (details

More about Gifts of Real Estate with Life Estate Reserved

After InFaith takes possession of the property, it is sold and the net proceeds are allocated to the donor’s charitable fund. If the donor decides during his/her lifetime that he/she does not need to use the property any longer, there are two options:

  1. InFaith arranges for a joint sale of the property. The donor would receive a portion of the proceeds equal to the value of their remaining life estate interest.
  2. The donor can deed his/her remaining life estate interest to InFaith and receive an additional income tax deduction for that gift.
Resources to Support Your Work

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