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Organizational Endowments

For Churches & Faith-Based Nonprofits

What is an Organizational Endowment Fund?
Through InFaith, churches and faith-based nonprofits can create an endowment fund into which both the organization and its supporters can direct gifts. The organization may then request distributions, directing grant dollars to the programs it designates. InFaith assumes the complexities of administering the endowment fund, which includes accounting, investment and reporting responsibilities.
An endowment fund can be established for general purpose, or can have specific purposes such as supporting outreach efforts, building maintenance or education ministries. Within the endowment fund, sub-funds can be created to support specific purposes designated by the organization or by a donor giving to the fund.
How to Establish an Endowment Fund 
  1. An endowment fund at InFaith is typically established by action of the voting members of a church or by action of the board of directors of the nonprofit. The specific form of the action should be consistent with the requirements of the governing documents of the organization. Often, a bylaw is drafted that describes the endowment fund, its purpose and its governing structure. The following steps can take be taken once the bylaw is in place.
  2. Complete and return the Fund Workbook for Organizations to InFaith. (Or, create your endowment fund at InFaith online.)
  3. InFaith drafts a Fund Agreement and sends it to the designated representative from the organization for signing. The financial representative also receives a copy.
  4. Once the organization is satisfied with the Fund Agreement, it is signed by the designated representative on behalf of the organization and returned to InFaith.
  5. The initial contribution to establish the fund can be sent with the signed Fund Agreement, or sent later.
Target Audience
  • Any faith-based nonprofit or church interested in creating and building an endowment for charitable purposes of their choosing;
  • Organizations seeking a simple, flexible endowment option to relieve endowment committee members of substantial record-keeping burdens;
  • Organizations seeking to offer supporters a full range of charitable gift and fund arrangements, including charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts, along with professional expertise to aid supporters in making these gifts; and
  • Organizations wishing to accommodate supporters who wish to make truly anonymous gifts. 
Tax and Financial Benefits of an Organizational Fund
An endowment fund at InFaith can be established for $25,000 or more with contributions from the organization and/or its supporters.
Benefits to Those Who Give
Individuals may make gifts to the endowment fund using cash, publicly-traded securities, real estate, closely-held stock, life insurance and retirement assets. Gifts can also be made through bequests, beneficiary designations.  Donors may also make a gift and receive income through charitable gift annuities or charitable remainder trusts. In each case, InFaith staff work with individual supporters to structure gifts that provide the donor with maximum deductibility for income, gift and estate tax purposes.
Benefits to the Organization
Endowment committee members are relieved of administrative burdens, freeing them to concentrate on promoting and building their endowment fund. As endowment fund assets are no longer technically owned by the organization, they are not subject to claims against the organization. InFaith provides planned gift support and educational resources including to build your endowment. 
More about Endowment Funds

Benefiting charities. Grants can be requested to any IRS-qualified charity.

Grant distributions. In many instances, InFaith distributes only a portion of the endowment fund’s value each year, enabling it to continue to grow and provide a permanent source of support for the organization's mission. Endowment funds, however, have the added flexibility to request grants in any amount, as long as a $25,000 minimum is maintained.

Planned giving support. In addition to sharing resources such as bulletin inserts and newsletter articles, InFaith assists the organization in designing a brochure to promote the endowment fund. InFaith staff is also available for phone consultations on strategic planning and gift design for potential donors.

Fees. A 1% annual administrative fee is assessed to the endowment fund to cover program and administrative costs. Reduced fee for assets over $1 million.

Benefits to you, the Financial Professional
InFaith will support you with a full range of charitable products and services, and you'll be compensated for your efforts by Thrivent or American Funds.

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