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Unifying Voices: FaithTrust Institute

Together with donors, InFaith Community Foundation addresses a number of pressing and unmet needs facing our shared community. One of the initiatives that InFaith has committed to is ending family violence through a partnership with FaithTrust Institute. FaithTrust Institute is an organization that provides faith communities and advocates with the tools and knowledge they need to address the faith and cultural issues related to abuse. 

In partnership with FaithTrust, InFaith has granted $105,000 for The Safe & Healthy Churches initiative. This grant provides in-person trainings and webinars intended to help faith communities and advocates with the tools and knowledge they need to address faith and cultural issues related to abuse, including domestic violence, child abuse and other forms of relationship violence.

An estimated 100,755 individuals have participated in the program throughout its 10 year history. In addition, 93% of participants report that it has raised their awareness of the prevalence of domestic violence. 

“Our partnership with InFaith has been incredible,” says Sarah Butler, Program Manager at FaithTrust Institute. “With their help, we have had the opportunity to reach thousands of churches throughout the country. And while the Ending Family Violence training is central to our work together, InFaith’s investment portfolios have also provided congregations with the resources that they can use to educate their larger community and build partnerships to end violence and abuse.” 

During the two-day training, Christian pastors and lay leaders understand the dynamics of domestic and sexual violence, as well as the ramifications of violence on individuals, the church and the community. It also equips churches to develop protocols that protect victims, prevent future harm and respond effectively and sensitively to victims/survivors, their families and abusers.

Three break-out sessions within the training focus on Domestic Violence Response: Pastoral Care, Child Abuse Prevention and Response and Healthy Teen Relationships. This year, the training was held in Norfolk, Virginia on Sept. 27 – 28, 2019. 

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