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WomenGive inFaith

Harnessing the Faith & Talents of Women to Educate, Advocate & Activate

WomenGive inFaith is a nationwide network of women who are bold in their faith, generous in their giving and passionate about achieving long-term change for women and families. WomenGive unites women through workshops, scholarships, investments and giving circles.


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WomenGive inFaith Infographic

A high-level overview of the WomenGive inFaith program. Download infographic.

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Learn more about our series of workshops, and find an event near you.

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Giving Circles

Join or create a giving circle - a network of individuals committed to making a difference in our shared community.

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WomenInvest Portfolio

For donors who want to change women's lives through their charitable fund's investment.

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WomenLead Scholarship Fund

For extraordinary women of faith to lead change by using their talents to educate, advocate and activate.

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Videos & Articles

Videos about inspiring women and articles about gender lens financial planning, investing and giving.

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WiserGiving Quiz

What's your giving style? Find out with the WiserGiving Style Quiz.

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Women have been at the forefront of giving and central to our mission for 20 years. We honor the women whose voices and stories continue to shape our work.

Chris Andersen, InFaith President & Executive Director

  • Women give on average 3.5% of their wealth to charity every year.
  • Women are 42% more likely to have a mission statement or set of articulated goals to guide their giving than men.
  • 70% of women change investment advisors within one year following the death of a spouse. 
Our Legacy
Women, Faith & Philanthropy

WomenGive inFaith roots itself in the traditions of Mary Magdalene, Tabitha, Lydia and many women like them who served Christ, provided for others and made a difference in the world around us. "Unleashing the Potential of Women in Christ" inspires us with a faith-based framework on which to build our collective effort in this work.  (Review stories of biblical women.)

Change happens when we pool our talents and share our gifts. We aim to intentionally align faith and finances for generous giving. Individually and collectively, we will put our hopes and dreams for the world into action.

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