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Encourage Others, Create Change & Make a Difference

When we advocate for others, we give a voice to someone by using our own. We advocate for change in many important ways at InFaith. We are committed to: 

  • Giving voice to women and girls experiencing violence;
  • Mobilizing churches to partner in ending violence against women and girls; and,
  • Investing with a focus on gender diversity
Ending Family Violence

At InFaith, we're working to address important societal issues with creativity, passion, and purpose through our Ending Family Violence Initiative. In 2002, InFaith embarked on a journey alongside its donors to address key issues affecting the lives of women. We began this effort acknowledging the role of women in faith and philanthropy and the reality that one in three women are affected by domestic violence in their lifetime.

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Investing for Change

InFaith has championed mission-based investing since 2007. What began as investing in community investment banks grew to include program-related investing and a Mission Growth Portfolio that invests for return as well as missional outcomes.

InFaith also offers the WomenInvest InFaith Portfolio that invests in companies that do well when women do well by addressing the root causes of violence against women.