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InFaith believes that education can change lives. Our first donor created one of what is now more than 300 scholarship funds. The WomenLead Scholarship recognizes the need for diverse leadership in ministry, nonprofits and civic organizations, and seeks to accelerate the extraordinary leadership of women of faith.

Video Reflections - Women of the Bible

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Theological Reflection & Women's Bible Study
Unleashing the Potential of Women in Christ

In "Unleashing the Potential of Women in Christ," Rev. Dr. Phyllis Anderson provides us with a theological grounding in making a difference in our world. She graciously shares her thoughts, reflections and insights into the women of the bible who have laid the foundation for our continued faith development and inspire our generosity.

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WomenLead recognizes the need for diverse leadership in ministry, nonprofits, and civic organizations and seeks to accelerate the extraordinary leadership of diverse women of faith to lead change by using their talents to educate, advocate and activate.

Two educational scholarships will be awarded to women of Christian faith seeking a Masters or Doctoral level degree that will prepare them to serve in public service, non-profit leadership and/or in Christian ministry. Women of diverse backgrounds (race/ethnicity, age, faith) eager to lead through bold action, innovative vision and faith-inspired passion are encouraged to apply.

In recognition of President Emeritus, Chris Andersen, the InFaith Community Foundation board of directors renamed its WomenLead Scholarship The Chris Andersen WomenLead Scholarship. Learn more about the scholarship at

One of the most powerful ways to change the world is by mentoring future generations. InFaith invites you to support girls in becoming their best selves by joining our video mentoring project, 'Lift Our Voices.'

Share your reflections, musings, stories, experiences, perspectives, advice and words of wisdom in a one-minute video. 


Watch the Videos - Advice to my 12-year-old self
Learn how you can 'lift your voice.'  

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support the learning of you & others

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by encouraging others, creating change & make a difference



ignite your faith & values


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