WomenGive inFaith Retreats | InFaith Community Foundation

WomenDiscover inFaith Workshops

Join other women of faith to explore these questions and more. The workshop is an interactive experience that transforms our approach to make a difference, inspires generosity, and empowers us to enact bold change for women and girls. Engage in conversation, share experiences and learn about ways to align giving with faith and values to create lasting change in our lives, and in the lives of our families and communities. 


Learn from and support others

  • Share personal stories about your own experience with generosity 
  • Explore your personal money messages and perspectives on abundance vs. scarcity and how these affect giving and planning
  • Increase your understanding of financial planning tools that empower you to be strategic, sustainable, and generous
  • Reflect on biblical stories of women who laid the groundwork for us to be leaders in faith and philanthropy


Connect & engage with others, create change, make a difference

  • Build a community with other women of faith as engaged and purposeful donors
  • Strengthen our individual and collective capacity to make change
  • Explore your views on creating change, deepen your understanding of how change happens, and bring awareness to issues that you are passionate about
  • Provide feedback and ideas on how InFaith can best achieve change for women and girls


Ignite your faith and values

  • Be brave, bold, creative, passionate, and generous in your giving
  • Demonstrate your personal commitment to living your faith and values by building a strong financial plan rooted in generosity
  • Participate in a giving circle in which the $25 registration fee will be pooled with others to make a collective impact donation of $1,000+ to benefit one of three InFaith community grants