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Videos - Inspiring Women of the Bible

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The Woman with the Alabaster Jar

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One of the most powerful ways to change the world is by mentoring future generations. InFaith invites you to support girls in becoming their best selves by joining our video mentoring project, 'Lift Our Voices.'

Share your reflections, musings, stories, experiences, perspectives, advice, and words of wisdom in a one-minute video.

Watch the Videos - Advice to my 12-year-old self
Learn how you can 'lift your voice.'  

Articles: Financial Planning and Investing

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'Gender-Lens Investing' Is Here to Stay

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With an Eye to Impact, Investing through a 'Gender Lens'

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Women and Girls Equality: A Clear Focus for Social Investing

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The Power of Money: Investment by Women, and in them, is growing

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Can Gender-oriented Investment Lens Boost Financial Performance?

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Return on Equality: Investment opportunities that help close the global gender gap

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The Rise of Gender Capitalism

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Emerging Trends in Philanthropy

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A Gender Lens for Giving: Women in Philanthropy Urged to Invest More in Women and Girls

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"New Allianz Life Study Finds Majority of Women Now Responsible for Household Finances"

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Gender Lens Investing Webinar

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Hosted by Veris Wealth Partners.

Articles: Giving

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Giving USA: 2015 Was America’s Most Generous Year Ever

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Moving Women to Give Millions

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Women in Philanthropy

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What Motivates Donors to Give to Women's and Girls Causes

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